set Transmit Power

Make the radio signal of the micro:bit stronger or weaker.


The signal can be as weak as 0 and as strong as 7. Default is 6.

The scientific name for the strength of the radio signal is dBm, or decibel-milliwatts. A signal strength of 0 can be measured as -30 dBm, and a strength of 7 can be measured as +4 dBm.


If your micro:bit is sending with a strength of 7, and you are in an open area without many other computers around, the micro:bit signal can reach as far as 70 meters (about 230 feet).


  • power is a number between 0 and 7 that means how strong the signal is.


This function only works on the micro:bit, not in browsers.


This program makes the radio send at full strength.


See also

received packet, send number, send value, send string