spi Pins

Set the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) signalling pins

pins.spiPins(DigitalPin.P0, DigitalPin.P1, DigitalPin.P2);

To configure the micro:bit to write to an external device using a SPI connection, each SPI signal line is assigned to unique a pin. A SPI connection uses 3 signalling lines called MOSI, MISO, and SCK.

Simulator: This function needs real hardware to work with. It’s not supported in the simulator.

If you don’t set the pins for the SPI connection, the default pin assignments are used:

  • P15 = MOSI, micro:bit SPI data output pin
  • P14 = MISO, micro:bit SPI data input pin
  • P13 = SCK, micro:bit SPI serial clock output pin


  • mosi: the pin for SPI data output, the MOSI signal pin.
  • miso: the pin for SPI data input, the MISO signal pin.
  • sck: the pin for SPI serial clock output, the SCK signal pin.


Set the pin assignments for a SPI connection to the default pins.

pins.spiPins(DigitalPin.P15, DigitalPin.P14, DigitalPin.P13);

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