Many thanks to the following individuals who helped to make this guide possible.

Thank you to the many students who contributed their energy, creativity, and passion to bring so many of these wonderful examples to life.

Thank you to Microsoft and to the Micro:bit Foundation for their support of our work. Thank you, as well, to George Saltsman of Lamar University for his original encouragement and support of this project.

Thank you as well to Peli de Halleux for his advice on all sorts of programming questions, as well as for the wonderful Infection simulation that he created just for this guide. Sam El-Husseini, your advice and wise counsel was instrumental in shaping the format of this book. Richard Knoll, we are so grateful for your help with the Arrays chapter and the Song-maker example. Galen Nickel, thank you for polishing and formatting our work to look good on the web. To Guillaume, Tom, Brahma, and the entire Microsoft MakeCode team, your caring and support meant so much to our students this year. Thank you!

Above all, our sincere thanks to Jacqueline Russell, Project Lead at Microsoft MakeCode. Your patience, advice, and innumerable suggestions and assistance made this curriculum possible.

Douglas and Mary.