CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards

  • CT.L1:6-02 Develop a simple understanding of an algorithm using computer-free exercise.
  • CPP.L1:6-05 Construct a program as a set of step-by-step instructions to be acted out.
  • 2-A-2-1 Solicit and integrate peer feedback as appropriate to develop or refine a program.
  • 2-A-6-10 Use an iterative design process (e.g., define the problem, generate ideas, build, test, and improve solutions) to solve problems, both independently and collaboratively.
  • CT.L3B-06 Compare and contrast simple data structures and their uses (e.g., arrays and lists).
  • CL.L2-05 Implement problem solutions using a programming language, including: looping behavior, conditional statements, logic, expressions, variables, and functions.