Iteration & Looping

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This lesson introduces the concept of looping and iteration. Presents the ‘While’ block as a combination of an iteration and a conditional statement.

Lesson objectives

Students will…

  • Understand the value of iteration in programming
  • Understand looping as a form of iteration
  • Learn how and when to use the Looping blocks ‘repeat’, ‘while’, and ‘for’
  • Apply the above knowledge and skills to create a unique program that uses iteration and looping as an integral part of the program

Lesson structure

  • Introduction: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Unplugged Activity: Walk a Square pseudocode
  • micro:bit Activities: Code a sprite to walk a Square, travelling light, micro:bit alarm!
  • Project: Get Loopy!
  • Project Mods: Use servo motors to add a motion element to the project
  • Assessment: Rubric
  • Standards: Listed

Lesson plan

  1. Overview: Iteration and looping
  2. Unplugged: Walk a square
  3. Activity: Loops demos
  4. Project: Get loopy


The Flipgrid topic for the Iteration lesson:

Targeted CSTA standards