Making with micro:bit

This Lesson introduces the micro:bit as a piece of hardware that has a specific size and weight, and generally must be supported and incorporated as an essential component of a tangible artifact. Focus on incorporating the physical micro:bit into a basic making activity.

micro:bit board

Lesson objectives

Students will…

  • Exercise creativity and resourcefulness by coming up with ideas for using simple household materials to accommodate the micro:bit’s size and weight in many different ways.
  • Test and iterate using different materials and sizes in order to create an optimal design to house the micro:bit and battery pack
  • Learn how to download programs and move them to the micro:bit file to run on the micro:bit.
  • Use the design thinking process to develop an understanding for a problem or user need.
  • Apply their understanding in a creative way by making a “micro:pet” creature.

Lesson plan


The Flipgrid topic for the Making lesson:

Targeted CSTA standards