Final project

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In this unit, we will be reviewing the concepts we covered in the previous weeks, and providing some ideas for an independent final project that students can focus on in the next several weeks. We will also provide a rubric for keeping students on task and tracking the learning that they are doing as they work on their projects. This is an expanded version of the process students followed in the Mini-Project, in Lesson 6.

Students are asked to create an independent project that demonstrates the use of something they have already learned, something they went out and researched for themselves, something they borrowed from somewhere else (with citations) and something completely original. They are also asked to document their learning process throughout the next couple of weeks using an independent project framework that emphasizes metacognitive development and process-oriented work.

Lesson plan

  1. Review: Review of lessons 7 - 11
  2. Final project: Project goals and guidelines
  3. Examples: Final project examples

Targeted CSTA standards