Radio and Communication

Combo Box Example

This lesson covers the use of more than one micro:bit to share and combine data. Students will explore a complex epidemiological program (Infection) that demonstrates the Radio functionality of the micro:bit. Students will send and receive numbers and strings in a series of guided activities. Finally, students are asked to collaborate so that they can share their micro:bits and create a project together.

Lesson objectives

Students will…

  • Understand how to use the Radio blocks to send and receive data between micro:bits
  • Understand the specific types of data that can be sent over the Radio

Lesson structure

  • Introduction: Radio & communication
  • Unplugged Activity: Infection simulation
  • micro:bit Activity: Marco Polo & Morse Code
  • Project: Radio
  • Assessment: Rubric
  • Standards: Listed

Lesson plan

  1. Overview: Radio and communications
  2. Unplugged: Infection simulation
  3. Activity: Marco Polo and Morse code
  4. Project: Radio project


The Flipgrid topic for the Radio lesson:

Targeted CSTA standards