Analog Read Pin

Read an analog signal (0 through 1023) from the pin you say.



  • name is a string with the name of the pin you say (P0 through P4, or P10)


  • a number from 0 through 1023

This program reads pin P1 and shows the number on the LED screen.

basic.forever(() => {
    let value = pins.analogReadPin(AnalogPin.P1)

If you are using analog read pin with another micro:bit running analog write pin, then things can get tricky. Remember that the micro:bit that runs analog set pin writes 0’s and 1’s at a very high frequency to achieve an average of the desired value. Sadly, if you try to read that average from another micro:bit, then the micro:bit will either read 0 or 1023. You could try to read a higher number of values (e.g. a million) in a loop, then computer then average. Alternatively, you can plug in a capacitor in-between the two micro:bits.

See also

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