Pulse In

Returns the duration of a pulse (high or low) from a pin on the micro:bit board in microseconds.

pins.pulseIn(DigitalPin.P0, PulseValue.High)

Some pins are also used by the LED screen. Please read the page about pins carefully.


  • name is a string that stores the name of the pin (P0, P1, or P2, up through P20)
  • value is the value of the pulse, high or low
  • maxDuration, maximum duration in micro-seconds. If no pulse is received


  • a number that represents the pulse duration in micro-seconds

Example: Measuring distance with a sonar

The following script sends a pulse on P0 and reads the pulse returned by a HC-SR04 sonar to determine the distance of the object in front of the sensor.

basic.forever(() => {
    // send pulse
    pins.digitalWritePin(DigitalPin.P0, 0)
    pins.digitalWritePin(DigitalPin.P0, 1)
    pins.digitalWritePin(DigitalPin.P0, 0)

    // read pulse
    led.plotBarGraph(pins.pulseIn(DigitalPin.P1, PulseValue.High) / 58, 0)

This function is not supported in the simulator.

See also

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