Call a function

The simplest way to get started in JavaScript with your micro:bit is to call one of the micro:bit’s built-in JavaScript functions. Just like how Blocks are organized into categories/drawers, the micro:bit functions are organized by namespaces, with names corresponding to the drawer names.


If you want to see all functions available in the Math namespace, simply type Math followed by . and a list of all the functions will appear.

Left and right parentheses, please!

Whenever you want to call a function, you give the name of the function followed by ( and ending with ). In between the left and right parentheses go the function arguments:

Math.min(1, 2)

It’s a syntax error to have a left parenthesis without the “closing” right parenthesis:


If a function has zero arguments, you still need the parentheses in order to call the function.

Any results for me?

Many functions return a result for you to use later in your program. This might be a number, a string, or another type of data.

let greater = Math.max(5, 10)