Play Tone

Play a musical tone on the speaker or at a sound pin of the micro:bit for as long as you say.

music.playTone(440, 120)

The frequency of the tone is set as a number of cycle per second, or Hertz. The note frequency block will allow you to use a musical note for the tone instead of a number of Hertz.

The duration of the tone is set as a number of milliseconds. It’s typical though to use a number of beats or a beat fraction for the tone duration instead. The ||music:beat|| block is used to convert beats to milliseconds. You can also make a custom duration by just setting the tone duration to certain amount of milliseconds.


The ||music:play tone|| block works on the micro:bit board. It might not work in the simulator on every browser.


  • frequency is the number of Hertz (how high or low the tone is). You can set this value with a note instead by using the note frequency block.
  • ms is the number of milliseconds for the duration of the tone. A beat value is used instead as the block’s default tone duration. The number of beats is converted to milliseconds for you.


Tone and beat

Play a Middle C for 1 beat.

music.playTone(music.noteFrequency(Note.C), music.beat(BeatFraction.Whole))

Custom tone frequency and duration

Play a 250 Hertz tone for 1000 milliseconds.

music.playTone(250, 1000)

Using other pins

Use analogSetPitchPin to change the pin used to generate music.


See also

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