Pin Is Pressed

Find whether the pin you say is pressed or not pressed.

If you hold the GND pin with one hand and touch pin 0, 1, or 2 with the other, a very small (safe) amount of electricity will flow through your body and back into the micro:bit. This is called completing a circuit. It’s like you’re a big wire!


This function works best when the micro:bit is using batteries for power, instead of the USB cable.


  • a string that holds the pin name (P0, P1, or P2)


  • a boolean that means whether the pin you say is pressed (true or false)

Pin presses in action

See how the micro:bit detects a press at a pin or on something connected to a pin in this video:


This program shows 1 if P0 is pressed, and 0 if P0 is not pressed:

basic.forever(() => {
    if (input.pinIsPressed(TouchPin.P0)) {
    } else {

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