Ring Tone

Play a musical tone through pin P0 with the pitch as high or low as you say. The tone will keep playing until you tell it not to.


This function only works on the micro:bit and in some browsers.



  • frequency is a number that says how high-pitched or low-pitched the tone is. This number is in Hz (Hertz), which is a measurement of frequency or pitch.


This program checks the accelerometer for the micro:bit’s acceleration (how much the micro:bit is speeding up or slowing down). Then it uses that acceleration to make a tone. If the micro:bit speeds up, the tone’s pitch gets higher, and if it slows down, the tone’s pitch gets lower. It’s fun – try it!

basic.forever(() => {

Using other pins

Use analogSetPitchPin to change that pin used to generate music.


See also

rest, play tone, tempo, set tempo, change tempo by