change (Sprite Property)

Change a value for a sprite property by some amount.

game.createSprite(0,0).change(LedSpriteProperty.X, 0);

The value of a sprite propery is changed by using either a positive or negative number. Giving 1 will increase a property value by 1 and giving a -1 will decrease it by 1.


  • property: the property of the Sprite you want to change, like:

    • x - the change in horizontal location to set the sprite at on the LED screen (0-4)
    • y - the change vertical location to set the sprite at on the LED screen (0-4)
    • direction - the change of direction in degrees for the sprite to go when the next move happens. Direction degree range is from -180 to 180.
    • brightness - the change in brightness for the LED sprite. Completely dark is 0 and very bright is 255.
    • blink - the change in how fast the sprite is will blink on and off. The blink rate is in milliseconds.
  • value: a number value that is the amount of change for the property.


This program makes a sprite on the left side of the screen, waits two seconds (2000 milliseconds), and then moves it to the middle of the screen.

let ball = game.createSprite(0, 2);
ball.change(LedSpriteProperty.X, 2);

See also

turn, brightness, get sprite property, set sprite property