I2C Read Number

Read one number from an I2C address using a specified number format.

pins.i2cReadNumber(0, NumberFormat.Int8LE, false);


This function needs real hardware to work with. It’s not supported in the simulator.


  • address: the 7-bit I2C address of the device you want to read a number from.
  • format: the NumberFormat of the number value to read.
  • repeated: repeated start, true - don’t send stop at end.
  • repeated: if true, a repeated start condition is set to help make sure the number is read from the device with out an interruption. If set to false (the default), the number is read without setting a start condition more than once.


  • a number from the device with the NumberFormat you asked for.


The following example reads a number in big-endian, 16-bit, unsigned integer format from the 7-bit I2C address 32.

Read a number from the device at a 7-bit I2C address as a 16-bit number. The 16, big-endian, and integer chosen for the format.

pins.i2cReadNumber(32, NumberFormat.UInt16BE, false);

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