Plot Bar Graph

Displays a bar graph of the numbers you say. A bar graph is a kind of chart that shows numbers as lines with different lengths.

led.plotBarGraph(2, 20);


  • value is a number that means what you are measuring or trying to show. For example, if you are measuring the temperature of ice with the micro:bit, value might be 0 because the temperature might be 0 degrees centigrade.
  • high is a number that means the highest possible number that the value parameter can be. This number is also the tallest that the lines in the bar chart can be.

Example: chart acceleration

This program shows a bar graph of the acceleration in the x direction of the micro:bit. The micro:bit’s x direction is from left to right (or right to left). The more you speed up moving the micro:bit in this direction, the taller the lines in the bar graph will be, until they are as tall as the parameter high says they can be.

basic.forever(() => {
    let a = input.acceleration(Dimension.X);
    led.plotBarGraph(a, 1023)

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