Set Pull

Configure the electrical pull of the specified pin.

Many micro:bit pins can be configured as pull-ups. For example, a pull-up can set a pin’s voltage to high (3.3 volts, or 1 when calling digital read pin). If one end of a button is connected to P0 (set to high) and the other end is connected to GND (0 volts), then when you press the button, P0 is driven to 0 volts, and the micro:bit software can detect a button press.

pins.setPull(DigitalPin.P9, PinPullMode.PullDown);

The pull-up and -down resistors are about 13kOhm.


  • name: The micro:bit hardware pin to configure (P0-P20)
  • pull: The pull to which to set the pin (down, up, or none)


The following example sets the pull of pin P0 to up (high).

pins.setPull(DigitalPin.P0, PinPullMode.PullUp);

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