on Received Value

Run part of a program when the micro:bit receives a name-value-pair over radio.

radio.onReceivedValue(function (name, value) {})


  • name: a string that is a name for the value received.
  • value: a number that is the value received.

Watch this video to see how the radio hardware works on the micro:bit:


This program keeps sending numbers that say how fast the micro:bit is slowing down or speeding up. When it receives numbers for the same thing from nearby micro:bits, show the numbers as a bar graph.

basic.forever(() => {
    radio.sendValue("accel-x", input.acceleration(Dimension.X))
radio.onReceivedValue(function (name, value) {
    if (name == "accel-x") {
        led.plotBarGraph(value, 1023);


The ||radio:on received value|| event can only be created once, due to the hardware restrictions.

The radio set group might need to be set, synchronized , before the radio events will function.

See also

on received number, received packet, send number, send string, send value, set group