stop Melody

Stop playing a musical melody.


Melodies are played either in the foreground or background. This allows more than one melody to be active at once. If a melody is set to play in the background, it can be interrupeted, or paused, temporarily while a melody set for the foreground is played. If the foreground melody is not set to play forever, then the background melody resumes when the foreground melody is finished.

When a melody begins, it has an option set for how the melody is to play. The melody plays just one time, once, or it will keep repeating, forever. With these options the melody will play in the foreground either once or continue to repeat. Of course, if you set forever, any melody that was started in background will never play unless you stop the foreground melody.

You can stop either a foreground melody, a background melody, or all melodies.

Simulator: This function only works on the micro:bit and in some browsers.


  • options: specify which melodies (foreground, background or both) to stop:
    • all: stop all melodies
    • foreground: stop the foreground melody
    • background: stop the background melody


Play the Entertainer built-in melody and then stop it after 5 seconds.

music.beginMelody(music.builtInMelody(Melodies.Entertainer), MelodyOptions.Forever)

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