write Received Packet To Serial

Writes the last packet received by the radio to serial in JSON format.


This should be called within a callback to on data packet received.

Data received format

The format for received data when these send functions are used:

  • send number: {v:ValueSent,t:MicrobitTimeAlive,s:SerialNumber}
  • send value: {v:ValueSent,t:MicrobitTimeAlive,s:SerialNumber,n:"Name"}
  • send string: {t:MicrobitTimeAlive,s:SerialNumber,n:"Text"}

The serial number value sent in the packet is set to 0 unless transmission of the serial number is enabled with ||radio:radio set transmit serial number||.


When radio data is received (after pressing the A button on the second micro:bit), this program sends temperature data to the serial port.

input.onButtonPressed(Button.A, () => {
    radio.sendValue("temperature", input.temperature());
    radio.sendString("It's warm now");

radio.onReceivedNumber(function (receivedNumber) {

Sample output to serial when A button pressed:

{"t":326,"s":0,"n":"It's warm now"}

See also

send number, send value, send string, on data packet received, set transmit serial number