change (Sprite Property)

Change the kind of number you say for a sprite.

game.createSprite(0,0).change(LedSpriteProperty.X, 0);


  • property: the property of the Sprite you want to change, like:
    • x - how far up or down the sprite is on the screen (0-4)
    • y - how far left or right the sprite is on the screen (0-4)
    • direction - which way the sprite is pointing (this works the same way as the turn function)
    • brightness - how bright the LED sprite is (this works the same way as the brightness function)
    • blink - how fast the sprite is blinking (the bigger the number is, the faster the sprite is blinking)


This program makes a sprite on the left side of the screen, waits two seconds (2000 milliseconds), and then moves it to the middle of the screen.

let ball = game.createSprite(0, 2);
ball.change(LedSpriteProperty.X, 2);

See also

turn, brightness, get sprite property, set sprite property