Let’s make a counter for your watch to remember all the motions you make when you walk or move your arm.

Duration: ~5 minutes

Make a count variable

We need a variable to keep track of how many motions you make.

  1. Go into Basic in the toolbox and pull an ||basic:on start|| on to the workspace.
  2. Ok, in Variables click on Make a Variable. Name the variable as motions. Drag out a ||variables:set to|| block and change the name with the dropdown to motions. Place the variable into the ||basic:on start|| block.
  3. Let’s show that there are no motions counted yet. Get a ||basic:show number|| from Basic and put it after the variable. Now, change the 0 to the motions variable from the Variables category in the toolbox.
let motions = 0;
motions = 0;

Count your movements

Ok, now we’ll count and show all of your movements.

  1. Get an ||input:on shake|| block from Input and place it in the workspace.
  2. To count each of your movements, get a ||variables:change by|| and place it in the ||input:on shake||. Change the variable from item to motions.
  3. Grab another ||basic:show number|| and put it at the bottom of the ||input:on shake||. Find motions again back over in Variables and replace the 0 with it.
let motions = 0;
input.onGesture(Gesture.Shake, () => {
    motions += 1;


If we want to start over from zero, then we need to have a way to reset the motion count. Let’s use one of the buttons to do it.

  1. Go over to Input and get an ||input:on button pressed||. Place a ||variables:set to|| inside. Change the variable name to motions.
  2. Grab another ||basic:show number|| and change the 0 to the a motions variable.
let motions = 0;
input.onButtonPressed(Button.A, () => {
    motions = 0;


Yeah! You’re ready to count your movements. Press the |Download| button to move the code to the micro:bit. Walk around, move you arm, and watch it count! Press the A button if you want to start over.

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