Duct Tape Watch

Rock Paper Scissors game on wrist


  • micro:bit, battery holder and 2 AAA batteries
  • Roll of duct tape (maybe 2 rolls if you want another color)
  • Velcro




Step 1 - Cut the pieces of tape

Cut 2 Pieces of Duct Tape about 9-10 inches long. Press the sticky sides together to form one piece of tape (this is tricky!). This makes the band of your wrist cuff.

Cut and roll the tape

Step 2 - Attach the micro:bit and battery pack

Mount the micro:bit in the center of your wrist cuff band by looping a piece of duct tape around in a circle.

Attach a micro:bit

Attach the battery pack to the micro:bit and tape it on the wrist cuff band on the opposite side from the micro:bit.

Step 3 - Add the wrist fasteners the micro:bit

Attach Velcro tabs at the ends of the wrist cuff as fasteners. You may need to try it on your wrist to adjust the size.

Add wrist fasteners

Step 4 - Decorate it!

Decorate the wrist cuff with stickers, glitter, markers, etc.

Rock Paper Scissors game on wrist