Turn a piece of cardboard into an inchworm!

Duration: ~45 minutes


  • Cardboard
  • Scissors or cutters
  • glue gun or tape
  • 1 paper clip

Step 1: Cardboard

Cutout a cardboard rectangle. You can use the micro:bit as a ruler to figure out the size.

Step 2: Fold the middle

Make a fold in the cardboard right in the middle of the long side.

Step 3: Body arch

Make two smaller folds at the ends which lay flat on the ground. This is the base of the inchworm’s body.

Step 4: Front teeth

Fold in each of corner on one end of the cardboard. This is the front of the inchworm which will grip the ground.

Step 5: Back legs

Using scissors or a cutter (watch the fingers!), cut slits in the other end to make finger-like (these will be the actually) shapes. Fold one up, one down, and so on.

Step 6: Mounting the board

Using tape or a glue gun, mount the micro:bit on one side.

Step 7: Mounting the servo

Attach the servo (with tape or glue) on the edge of the other side of the cardboard.

Step 8: Cable clean up (optional)

Use tape to route the cables nicely on the inchworm.

Step 9: Attaching paper clip to servo

Unfold a paper clip and attach it to the servo arm.

Step 10: Attaching paper clip to cardboard

Slide the folded part of the paper clip into the cardboard and use tape to secure it. You might need to toy around with the size of the clip so that the servo rotation opens the inchworm sufficiently.

Step 11: It’s ready!

Your inchworm is ready!

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