Making the Guitar Body

Make the Guitar Body for your micro:bit Guitar

Duration: ~45 minutes


  • Cardboard large pieces (recycle!)
  • Tape (masking, duct tape, and/or packing tape)
  • Scissors that can cut cardboard
  • Markers and/or paint

Materials: cardboard, tape, scissors, markers

Step 1: Design the body

tracing the guitar design

  • Search for Guitar Silhouette design ideas and customize the shape of your guitar
  • Trace the design on a flat piece of cardboard (40-80 cm is best)
  • Avoid small details that are difficult to cut into cardboard
  • Unfolding a box gives longer pieces of cardboard and creases can be reinforced

Step 2: Cut out the body

cutting the cardboard

Step 3: Personalize the Guitar

Create unique styles using tape, markers, paint and other available materials (calling all artists!)

decorating the guitar

Everyone can come up with a unique design!

guitar design samples


strengthening the guitar

Strengthen the guitar next with an angled cardboard strip (optional).

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