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microbit-foundation/pxt-microbit-v2-power 0.2.3 GitHub

Makecode Extension to enable power management on micro:bit (V2)

Use this extension to add all the blocks you will need to use less power in your program when you are using the latest micro:bit.

This extension might be useful when you want to conserve battery power, such as during a data logging activity.


Put the micro:bit to sleep in a low power mode 💤

The ||power.lowPowerRequest|| block will ask the micro:bit to switch to low power mode at the next opportunity, such as when the current code operation has been allowed to complete, or inside ||basic.pause(ms)||.

input.onButtonPressed(Button.B, function () {

You can send ||power.lowPowerRequest(LowPowerMode.Wait)||. Then micro:bit will also pause until a full power event occurs.

The ||power.lowPowerPause(ms)|| block will ask the micro:bit to sleep for a set interval in milliseconds.

In low power mode, the micro:bit is asleep, and your program is paused. When the micro:bit wakes up to full power mode, your program continues from the point it stopped.

You can use the ||power.lowPowerEnable(LowPowerEnable.Prevent)|| and ||power.lowPowerEnable(LowPowerEnable.Allow)|| blocks to block low power requests until the code between the two blocks has finished running. It is expected that you would use these blocks in pairs.

basic.forever(function () {
    led.plot(2, 2)
    led.unplot(2, 2)
    led.plot(2, 1)
    led.unplot(2, 1)

Wake up the micro:bit to full power mode ⏰

In order to wake up the micro:bit to full power mode, you need to define an event to trigger the wake up call.

You can wake the micro:bit when a button or pin is pressed. In this example, the micro:bit will wake up when Button A or Pin 0 has been pressed.


You can also wake the micro:bit at a set time interval in milliseconds. In this example, the micro:bit will wake up every minute and show a smiley face on the screen

power.fullPowerEvery(60000, function () {


This software made available under the MIT open source license.

SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

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