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bsiever/microbit-dstemp 0.1.26 GitHub



This extension allows the micro:bit to use the Dallas Semiconductor DS18B20 temperature sensor.


This module supports use of one or more DS18B20 temperature sensors. Each sensor must be connected to a separate pin and must include a 4.7k Ohm pull-up resistor between 3V and the signal.

Common wiring is:

Getting the Temperature

dstemp.celsius(pin: DigitalPin) : number 

Get the current temperature in Celsius. Returns -Infinity on error.


dstemp.sensorError(errCallback: (errorMessage: string, errorCode: number, port: number) => void) { 

Report on any errors

Recommended usage

It’s best to capture the temperature in a variable and only use it if the value isn’t -Infinity. Since -300 C is below absolute zero, ensuring the temperature is over -300 is sufficient. For example:

temp = dstemp.celsius(DigitalPin.P0)
if (temp > -300) {
    basic.showString("" + (temp))

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