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MUSELAB/pxt-wifi-shield 1.9.60 GitHub

Muselab IOT Shield

A PXT library for Muse IOT Shield


1. Initialize WiFi IoT Shield

Sets up the Muselab WiFi IoT Shield used for the micro:bit.


2. Set WiFi

Connect the Muselab WiFi IoT Shield to the WiFi (Home router)

MuseIoT.setWifi("muselab", "12345678")

Here we take “muselab” as router SSID and “12345678” as router password.

3. Set WiFi hotspot

Configure the Muselab WiFi IoT Shield as a hotspot.

MuseIoT.setWifiHotspot("muselab", "12345678")

For the hotspot, here we take “muselab” as SSID and “12345678” as password.

4. Connect to ThingSpeak

Upload data to ThingSpeak

MuseIoT.sendThingspeak("asdasdasdasdasdasd", 0, 0)

Here we take “asdasdasdasdasdasd” as the ThingSpeak key, 0 as field1 value and 0 as field2 value.

5. Connect to IFTTT

Trigger the IFTTT cloud event such as email, sms and so on.


Here we take “asdasdasdasdasdasd” as IFTTT key, email as event name, 0 as value1 and 0 as value2.



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